200 Women: Who Will Change The Way You See The World is quite a significant and meaningful achievement, and I believe it will help my own daughters make significant and meaningful achievements in their own lives. The book features remarkable full-page portraits that would make the book, alone, welcome on any coffee table, library, or museum for that matter.

Yet it is the many answers these remarkably successful — by a wide variety of definitions — women offer to a set listing of questions that makes the book so meaningful and memorable. Inventors, innovators, artists, and leaders of all kinds are included. Often, just a few answers are included for a particular woman, yet this editing is welcome, and their answers are insightful, profound, and hopeful in the best sense. Other women are just featured as a portrait and a word they most identify with. A literally wonderful book.

I’ve seen blog posts and memes about inexplicable laws and have always found them puzzling and/or funny. Here, a state-by-state listing describes something bizarre that is unlawful, “carrying a violin in a paper bag.” The text is single sentences for each two-page spread, in a typewriter style font. On the opposing page is a Pop-Art-style photo illustrating each law. I’ve seen several of these before, and several of the photos are adults-only. That said, it’s a well-produced book that would make a fun gift for anyone with an adult sense of humor and perhaps a sometimes-frustrating background with the law.