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This book has many different, creative styles of friendship bracelets, all of them I found to be gorgeous. The book not only has photos of the steps, but also illustrations to make the creative process easy for anyone. My favorite is the “super simple” Candy Stripe bracelet, cute and easy! The book even has a section for common mistakes and how to avoid making them. There’s also lots of tips, tricks and suggestions for learning and changing things up, too. I think these would be really fun to make with a girl’s group or even at a sleepover.

About the Author
Author of The Beginner’s Guide to Friendship BraceletsMasha Knots is a handmade crafter and online content creator based in London. With over a decade of experience in making friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss, Masha creates video guides on her YouTube channel explaining the ins and outs of bracelet making. Her online tutorials range from simple bracelets explained step-by-step for beginners to more advanced friendship bracelet techniques and designs for the more experienced. Masha started her bracelet journey in 2009 when a friend taught her how to make a basic design over the summer. She quickly learned more advanced techniques and what could have been a simple summer activity turned into a lifelong hobby and career. She posted her first video tutorial on YouTube in the summer of 2010 when she discovered that very few tutorials are available online and realized she has the opportunity to help others learn the craft. After creating several video tutorials on and off from 2010-2015 Masha started uploading videos to her channel consistently in 2018 and by 2021 has amassed over 120,000 viewers sharing her passion for the craft. Now Masha is sharing her vast experience in friendship bracelet making in the form of a book to help even more people discover their passion for knotting. Follow her on YouTube and Instagram.